Android 4.2 AOSP Keyboard Now Available in Google Play Store

AOSP KeyboardWe all know that Android 4.2 is just awesome and comes with lots of new features. People who are waiting for Android 4.2 to come to their device can now try all new Android 4.2 keyboard.

Google play developer Honso has just uploaded a fully functioning version of the AOSP keyboard you’ve been dying to obtain your thumbs on. This all new keyboard includes the awesome gesture typing we’ve all heard so much about. But currently it supports only English language.

If your device runs on ICS or below, you are out of luck. Currenly it only supports Jelly bean. The developer also promised that he will attempt to backport it all the way down to Gingerbread. He will also try to make it MultiLing Keyboard within a short period of time. Another great thing about this app is that it is 100% free.

Google Play Download Link