3 Things To Look For When Hiring A Developer

When you’ve got a product or idea that you need help bringing to fruition, it helps to have a good developer on your team. Whether this is a web developer, an app developer, or just someone who knows how to make your imaginings become reality, your developer could be the difference between getting your vision completed and failing miserably. Because of this pressure, it’s important that you do everything you can to ensure that you’re getting the right person or team on board with you. To help with this, here are three things you should look for when hiring a developer.Hiring a developer

Good Communication Skills

Almost above all else, you’re going to want to work with a developer who has good communication skills. While it’s important that they know how to complete the task that’s set before them and get that work done in a timely manner, Tim Jahn, a contributor to Inc.com, shares that bad communication is the number one reason why projects fail. Knowing this, try to find a developer who you trust and who you feel comfortable communicating with. If your styles of communication are too different or you don’t get the feedback or updates that you’ve been wanting, you might want to keep looking for someone who’s going to be better at effectively communicating with you.

Up-To-Date With Current Development Trends

When speaking to someone who’s a prospective developer for you, you’re going to want to ask them the right questions to ensure that you’re getting someone who will be a good fit for you and will be able to get your project done right. According to Nelly Yusupova, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, you should be less concerned with the specifics of the projects this developer has worked on in the past and be more concerned with what he or she is doing to stay up-to-date on current development trends in their field. Try to see what they’ve been learning recently or where they go to learn more about their area of development.

Solid References

As with hiring anyone of consequence, you’re going to want to check that the developer you’re hiring has solid references for their previous work. According to William A. Beachy, a contributor to the Huffington Post, calling to check on references is really the least you should be doing when making a commitment of this caliber on someone. Because the ultimate success or failure of your project rests on your developer’s ability to give you what you want, you’re going to want to double-check that his or her previous employers were satisfied with the work done for them.

If you’re about to hire a developer, consider using the tips mentioned above to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.