Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Expected To Strive The Market With New Amazing Features

Samsung has always tried to achieve new heights with its tab, and now it is ready for a new product in the market for its customer. There are Rumours that Samsung is unveiling next major version of  its Smartphone that comes up with a curved screen. Samsung will be unveiling this September at IFA. However, there’s no leaked information about Samsung galaxy note 4 yet. It will be the most powerful android device. Galaxy Note 4

Samsung galaxy Note 4 will take the generation of smartphones to the next level. Samsung has revealed few specs that it will be true Octa-core processor on Exynos 64-bit. There are rumors of flexible display and 3D display. Galaxy Note 4 comes up with the 5.7 inch screen, 2160p display and 4GB RAM. Note 4 will come in the price range of $750 max. Previous versions have been released in September and it looks like the next galaxy note will also release in September. The main features of Samsung galaxy Note 4 are listed below:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Specs And Features :

It is going to come up with new exciting features. Now there’s an Iris scanner, 5 Mega Pixel Front-facing Camera, Finger Print Scanner Home button and new designed Metal body.

1. It will be running on an Octa – core processor on Exynos 64 bits.

2. 5.7 inch big screen as compared to Note 2 with 2k resolution.

3. Note 4 has reached its level to 4GB. Note 4 will have 4GB RAM. However, Note 3 has 3GB.

4. It has 3600 to 3800 mah battery which can run a whole day.

5. 4G – Now it will support 4G technology for browsing very high speed internet

6. Dual channel Wifi Campabilities

7. Camera features – It has a 16Megapixel rear camera along with Sony made camera sensor.

8. All new Wireless charging features – Now users can charge their phone wireless. Recently, An update shows that note 4 will have PLS LCD display and a new touch wiz and more scope For S-pen. There are many rumours that Samsung will launch one version of note 4 with dustproof and waterproof characteristics.Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might have android 5.4 lollipop.

Some Cool Software updates in galaxy Note 4:

  • Aqua capture – It is a new feature for capturing underwater pictures.
  • Smart Fingerprint- New recognition feature.
  • Motion Launcher- When the display is off, phablet can be activated by swiping fingers on screen.
  • Multi Network Booster- data connections and wifi can download large files swiftly.

Gesture Launcher- When the display is off, phablet can be activated by swiping fingers to make a defined gesture on screen.

Note 4 will come in the price range of 750$ max which is a pretty good run for the price tag. This year looks very promising for samsung. With the release of Note 4, Samsung will surely retain its position in the smartphone industry. According to rumors, Samsung galaxy Note 4 will be dust proof and water proof. It is going to be amazing with all new Iris scanner feature. Galaxy Note 4 will be the most powerful android phone this year.