Interesting Features of SmartPhones

features of smartphonesThere are many things that make a smartphone smart, the ability to surf the web, allowing you to answer your emails where ever you are. For different people their smartphone does something that they need. This however would not be possible without the companies that create the software that runs on the phones. With huge companies such as Google, Apple, Blackberry and Microsoft all competing for people’s money. All these companies have strengths and weaknesses that you should research before getting into the smartphone market. Here we will go through some of Androids strengths.

Being one of the largest internet companies in the world has allowed Google to take their massive archives of data and use this in order to add to their phones features. One great example of this is within their maps app, here you can look at maps of anywhere around the world just like you would on your home PC. But as well as this they offer a fantastic free turn by turn navigation system in their Android phones. As well as this they offer voice controls in their phones and because each time they someone uses it they add that data into their system the accuracy of the voice controls gets better. This now allows you to write whole texts and emails without having to type a single word.

Being able to go on the internet on your phone is a useful addition to modern life. This has allowed people to do so much more with their phones, be it keeping up with the latest sports scores. All the way to playing in browser games that run natively on the phone with no installing. If there is a particular game you like to play during your commute there are plenty of apps available, , also from companies like Lucky Nugget whose slots games can be found everywhere, many of which can be placed directly on your home screen for your convenience.

Now that you have some knowledge on Android, why not research their phones online and see if they offer the right phone for you. There are many manufacturers so there should be an option for everyone.

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