What Is Expected By Enthusiasts For Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S5 was offered appreciation and love by persons from different parts of the world, and nowadays, there is a hang around for its subsequent model that is the S6. Anticipations of users extend essentially with the improvement in technology. There are so many features that people want in the next Smartphone device of the Galaxy S series. Every time, a user wants something new and attractive in the next model of a mobile device that the company brings to him/her to offer a friendly and an improved user experience. Take a look at some features expected by the users worldwide, explained below:Samsung Galaxy S6


The primary feature of any device or product will always be its look, and the nasty and plastic quality of S5 was not liked by a lot of users. Hence, users are willing to include Graphene or Silicon material that as it will offer a stylish appearance, and are moderately suitable for the Smartphone devices.

Life Span of The Battery

The next feature expected by the users is that the long lasting battery. They prefer to buy those devices that long lasting battery feature. Hence, 3300 to 3500 mAh or above than this, will be acknowledged as a norm feature. In recent times, the latest fashion when it comes to the size of the mobile device is ‘the larger, the superior’. However, the S5 was productive and effective in nature and is simply convenient, the enthusiasts of Samsung are anticipating a larger screen of around 5.5’’ or 5’’ that can offer both efficiency and clarity to have more enhanced user experience as compared to other devices exist in the market.

Also, the device will include a screen that is water resistant in nature. It is one of the highly developed features that each and every Smartphone device includes.


The recent model, the Samsung Galaxy S5 did not include a 64 bit processor that was the excise for a reduction in the sales of the phone. Though, users are interested to include the identical in the same model of the device. Well, there ais yet a lot of features that fans are anticipating from the Samsung Galaxy s6 like larger space, better camera and many others.

Release date

If you talk about the date of releasing, it will be going to take place in the soon beginning of 2015. In fact, if you are in Canada or in the United States of America, you can place pre-order for it in the month of January in the year 2015, whilst persons from Europe, China, United Kingdom and India can do this thing in the month of February in the year 2015. When it comes to price, it will be going to be around 789 dollars. You can check out the latest news and reports about this upcoming device on the internet in order to stay updated with its latest features or specifications, which is expected to include.

The users from all over the world are waiting for this device in order to see what the Samsung will carry out for them in the form of the next flagship of the Galaxy S line.