8 All New Samsung Galaxy S4 Features

Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to heat the market in the last week of April. Galaxy S4 has 5 inch screen, which is slightly bigger than its predecessor. It is taller, thinner and lighter than Galaxy S3. Though Galaxy S4 does not look much different from its predecessor, but it comes with several interesting new features. Here, we listed 8 all new Samsung galaxy S4 features.

Samsung Galaxy S4 FeaturesEight-core Processor

It is the world’s first smartphone with an eight-core processor. Galaxy S IV is powered by Exynos 5410 processor. The processor has four ARM Cortex-A15 for better performance and four ARM Cortex-A7 to make it more faster.

Works as a universal remote

The Galaxy S4 comes with a built-in infra-red diode. Now you can control an entertainment center with your Samsung Galaxy S4. This feature has showed up in different Android tablets and smartphones.

Instant translation

Another all new feature. Using this tool, Galaxy S4 can translate voice and text on the fly instantly among 10 different languages. It is also integrated with the messaging and e-mail app.

Dual Camera Features

Using this feature, Galaxy S4 users can shoot with the rear and front cameras simultaneously, inserting a small picture of the user even as he or she is capturing the scene in front of him/her. Galaxy S4 sports a 13-megapixel camera, compared with the S3’s 8-megapixel camera.

Smart Pause

It is an eye tracking feature, which automatically stop and start videos depending on whether the user is looking at the screen or not. When you are watching a video, it pauses when you look away then restarts again when your eyes back to the screen. Galaxy S3 had a similar feature, which powers down the display if no one’s looking at it.

Sound and Shot

Now you can capture up to 9 seconds of audio while capturing a photo. Yup, Now you can listen to your photos with this exciting new feature.

Temperature and Humidity sensors

Samsung Galaxy S4 also comes with temperature and humidity sensors which helps you to know the current status of your surroundings.

Air View

“Air View” gives your finger the power to hover over an email or date and see the information hidden behind. This feature is already present in the Galaxy Note II, but in Note II Air View allows users to preview content by hovering the S Pen not your finger.

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