Top 6 Android Apps in 2015

Life without apps is just impossible. There is plethora of applications we can witness over the Google Play app store. The best part is that all these are thoroughly handy in terms of usage. You really don’t find the number of applications available over your device is sufficient; and hence, the need of additional options is pretty Android Apps in 2015

Anyway, whenever it comes of the apps, Android is certainly the most preferred platforms than anything else. The coding team has been always delivering up to the mark in accordance with the contemporary needs. In fact, provoked by the contemporary challenging scenario they have been producing even more convincing stuffs. Well, time has come to take a look at the super handy applications this year. We have listed a few of such excellent recommendations below. Have a look!

BBC Weather

A weather app is always crucial. Getting prior information about the way the nature is going to be is certainly the most helpful. Especially, it is a heavenly gift for the professionals those have to deal with extensive outings. If you are someone of the above kind, then this BBC Weather application for android can be most useful for you.

This edition of the BBC Weather applications is most enhanced. There are a lot of enhancements offered with the tool this time. Excellent kinds of trendy widgets, well stretched weather reports, flexible notification patterns, reports, special access for different locations gives you the best outcome. The application certainly deserves a place within your system.


Android is such immensely popular today. The prime reason behind such scenario is its social media friendly approach. Android offers a huge collection of applications for Twitter. Anyway, if you are someone having interest on these sorts of stuffs, then Seesmic can be a tremendous product for you. Coming up with accessibility of a number of accounts, a home page widget makes you available with exciting tweets. The best part here is its flawless interface that can offer you with a mind-blowing experience.


If you are someone with a mindset of not providing place for the unnecessary set of applications, then this is the option for you. It is something that can be useful for you in every way. The entire process starting from your payment to book a ticket for flight, the application can be useful in many ways. The best part is its user-friendly and simplistic interface. No matter if there is no printer available for you nearby as there is no scene of printing like works here. All you have to ensure is that there is sufficient battery available to back-up the device. It employs a really simple procedure to facilitate the process.

BT Wi-Fi

This is a great product for the BT web users. You just have to provide the BT account master password to the application, and relax. The application spontaneously makes you sign-in the moment you come within the network of a BT hotspot.

It has already made some buzz among the fans. In short, this is an awesome product to meet the contemporary Wi-Fi dependency.

Barclays Mobile Banking

There are many applications regarding mobile banking those have come in to picture. However, a very few of those were satisfactory enough. Anyway, impressions have really changed post arrival of excellent stuffs like Barclays Mobile Banking. This handy application is too efficient to deal properly with your entire set of accounts.


It’s a fantastic product to have with your system. Take your time, but be there with perfection. The above application is a perfect example of it. Perfectly revamped this applications leaves no scope for your complain. This tool is too sleek to record, pause, and equivalent works. It lets you capture running videos over your device and share it through social platforms. This is certainly the best option to browse Vines from elsewhere.

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