Download N64 ROMs/emulators for android

androidThere are many great gaming android applications present in android market. But apart from android gaming application what if you get an opportunity to play Nintendo games on your android smartphone or tablet. Well, now you can play your favourite Nintendo games on your android smartphone by just installing an android application N64 emulators. I have used many emulators to play games on my android smartphone but n64 emulators are really good as you can play goldeneye and Mario kart like games with it. You just have to follow some instructions to download this android application. So, let’s get started.

  • To install this application this n64 emulators just search it in your android market and then you will easily find this application as n64 emulators. This is a paid application and you can easily download it from Google play store for just $5.99.
  • After installing the n64 emulators. Search for n64 rom plus app in your android market. This is a free application if you download it form your android smartphone. And after installing this n64 rom plus app you can easily search your favourite games from this app and download it to your smartphone. And when you are done with it, now you can easily play n64 rom on your smartphones. You will find many great n64 roms like goldeneye, Mario, Mario kart, FiFa and many more.
  • Size- The actual size for this n64 emulator is 10Mb so, you won’t have to wait much for this application to be downloaded on your smartphone.
  • Version- you will need 2.1 up version to work with this android application on your android smartphone.
  • Interface- The interface is pretty nice as you won’t feel any difficulties to operate this application. you can set the frame size from this n64 emulator app. If you want the game screen to be stretch then you can easily tick the option stretch to fit screen option. You can also enable and disable sounds as you want. You can even set the volume by adjusting from sound volume option. It also provides you with a virtual controller which really makes it easy to play your favourite games. You can also create your own virtual controller as you want. Furthermore n64 emulator provides you with the best gaming roms where you get to play with some awesome graphics and great gameplay.

Verdict- well, If you ask me about this n64 emulator then I would say that this is a great app as it provides you with the best gaming roms. I like the virtual controller which provided with this application it really gives you a great experience as you are holding an original controller and playing. You can get the best experience when you play racing games like Mario kart and need for speed. Sometimes the sound goes off which I really don’t like at all. But although a great application you must use it on your smartphone to play some fantastic games.

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