Download GBC ROMs for Android

download GBC romsHere in this post we are going to give you a review on Gameboy colour roms for android. You can now play your favourite Gameboy and super Gameboy colour games on your smartphone by just installing the GBC emulator on your respective android device. This is a free application so; you can easily download it from Google play store it’s absolutely free.

GBC emulator allows you to play different Gameboy colour and super Gameboy games on your android smartphone or tablet. Just install the emulator on your android device and then download the roms to play. There are many other features for this awesome android application. Let’s take a closer look to it.

How to Download GBC ROMs

To play Gameboy roms you just have visit your android market and download the following Gameboy colour A.D app. This is an emulator from which you can run your Gameboy and super Gameboy colour roms. Just install the following emulator and then open your internet browser and type . After opening this website just select Gameboy rom option. Then you can easily look for your favourite gaming roms which you want to play on your android smartphone. So, just download that rom to your SD card and then you are done with it. After completing this task just open this your GBC emulator app on your android device. It will open up your SD card to select your rom to play. Just go the download folder and then you can easily select your downloaded you rom. Just select the rom and then it will play that game rom on your android smartphone. You will get a virtual controller on game screen to play your game. So, this was how you can play Gameboy colour roms from your smartphone for free. There are other settings too which you use to improve the performance and effects.

Options- let’s take a closer look on the options given in GBC emulator.

  • Sound sample rate- With this option you can set the sound sample rate you want on your smartphone to have clear sound. Well to get the best sound you should select 22050 Sample Rate.
  • Maintain aspect ratio- you can choose this option to main the aspect ratio automatically. This option allows you to fit game screen to your smartphone automatically.
  • Hardware filtering- With this option you can check your hardware filtering. It is used to enhance the game and hardware features. For the best gaming experience you can choose hardware interpolation option.
  • Select shader- You can select different shaders as you want from this shader option. It helps you to increase the effects and graphics detailing for the games.
  • X sensivity- This option allows you to set the sensivity of the movement of the virtual controller. You can easily increase and decrease as per as your requirement.

So, these were some of the important points on this awesome android application which enables you to play your favourite Gameboy colour games on your smartphone. Enjoy.

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