How to Use Paid Windows 8 Apps for Free

paid windows 8 apps for freeThe Windows Store is an electronic software distribution (ESD) platform in Microsoft’s Windows 8 as well as Windows RT operating system. This platform could be made use of to provide listings for desktop applications which are certified to run on Windows 8. It is also the primary distribution platform for new kind of application which is known as “Windows Store apps.”

The Free and paid applications could be distributed with the help of the Windows Store, with paid apps that ranges from US$1.49 to $999.99. The Windows Store was first made accessible with Windows 8 Consumer Preview on 29th of February, 2012.

As Microsoft is betting really full-size on Windows 8 platform, it is now seen that the Hacker community has found out new innovative techniques to pitch in addition to crack the OS and its apps. In the recent time we have heard that mistakenly Microsoft has gifted the keys to Windows 8 OS activation in the structure of KMS to the hacker community and in the fresh news it has come up that the hackers have managed to crack the Paid trial version of Windows 8 Metro Apps which presently is a new challenge for Microsoft to fix it.

The hackers have come up with a tool that alters the trail apps that are downloaded from the Windows 8 Store to the ones that are bought. You might get surprised on how this can be done that easily. Let me tell you that Windows Store for Windows 8, for every PAID application listed holds an option for trial for 7 days so that you can experience the app for 7 days for FREE and then you can think upon whether to buy the application or not. But, the hackers have raised their ante on cracking the method to get hold of the paid apps for free.

Steps to Use Paid Windows 8 Apps for Free:

1. Get hold of free in-app purchases by altering encrypted IsoStore files
2. Crack the trial apps and obtain paid versions for free
3. Eradicate in-app ads from free games by editing the XAML games
4. Diminish the price of in-game paid items
5. Unlock the paid levels by script-injection methods into the IE10 procedures

We will keep an eye out on the free Windows 8 applist in the weeks and months to come too.

So, you can now get paid apps in Windows 8 such as Meteor Madness, Soulcraft, Minesweeper, Dawn, Cut the Rope and Ultraviolet for free without much effort.

Just follow the steps given above in order to get paid Windows 8 apps for free.

Therefore, it is seen that most of the means games and app developers would make money are not that secured by default on Windows 8.

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